Effects of milk and fruit consumption on Crohn's disease: a systematic review.


Abstract Introduction: There are currently many studies that discuss possible relationships among the diet, the etiology of Crohn's disease and the possible improvement or worsening of its symptoms. Most of them are based on surveys that describe the dietary patterns adopted by these patients. Objectives: The present review will address quantitative studies comparing the consumption of certain foods (milk and fruits) by subjects diagnosed with Crohn's disease and healthy subjects. On the other hand, it will also address studies of patients who exclude these foods from their diets because they associate them with worsening symptoms of the disease. Methodology: This systematic review was elaborated following the PRISMA guidelines. Six studies that analyze the selected subject matter were selected. Results: The two foods selected for study are very often present in articles that relate diet and Crohn's disease, and both are considered by patients to be influential in the evolution of their pathology. Conclusions: Each study presents different results; thus, to date, there is no consensus on the best diet to follow in inflammatory bowel disease. Of course, it has not been sufficiently demonstrated that the consumption of certain foods causes or worsens the development of this disease. Therefore, further investigations are necessary.
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