Design, validation and reliability of a satisfaction survey about inpatient nursing care.

José Prieto Oreja, Raúl Márquez Moreno, Yolanda María Sánchez Oneto, Victoria E. Ortega Cabanillas, Inmaculada Hurtado González, Antonia Duran García



Introduction: We describe the design of a valid and reliable satisfaction survey about nursing care received during hospitalization, with the objetive of value the holistic care given and also, to be able to improve quality of service and to promote humanization of nursing care. Material and Method: The survey has been divided into the following areas: at admission, during hospitalization and at discharge. Each area had nineteen items. It has been made with an ordinal Likert scale, with five categories of answer, self-fulfilled. We opted to do the validation according to the basic Criteria of Moriyama, adapted with eight items. For the reliability, fifty control questionnaires were given out at various hospitalization services in Mérida. The questionnaires were collected and we made the Cronbach’s Alpha Index with the statistical analysis program SPSS v. 24 for Mac. Results: The criterion established for validity was exceeded, with results above 80% in assessment by experts in accordance with Moriyama's basic criteria. Also, we got an excellent reliability with a Cronbach’s Alpha index of 0,938. Conclusion: This paper can be considered as an useful tool to improve quality of service and nursing cares through the perceptions of the inpatients who receive it.


survey, patient satisfaction, quality of health care, nursing care



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